Hello Hashnode! Here's why I develop things.

Hello Hashnode! Here's why I develop things.

In the first post of my blog I talk about what compels me to be a developer and help people along the way.

Hey 👋.

Learning React?

Here's 10 weird tutorial sites to up your react game!


Bored of these copy-paste twitter threads filled with websites you will never visit but keep saving to bookmarks anyway?

Fear not! Take this blog with you.

Wait, Who Are You???

My name is Arda and I am a web developer with broad interests from Turkey. Since my childhood I loved fixing problems (not you, math) about tech stuff: devices, software, you name it. Growing up, I learned programming and this interest branched. I could create my own problems now!

About This Blog

This blog is actually a couple months old. It was left collecting internet dust. Why? Because I am a procrastinator. But now, I can't help but write. Here's why there is this urge compelling me to write:

Well you see, every time I found a solution to that weird bug or figured out how to make the cursed and undocumented npm package work I would get this urge to share my findings. Help others. I'd have already spent several hours and maybe a hundred browser tabs. Maybe I can save a few people the trouble and make their lives better. Not everyone enjoys diving deep into a rabbit hole about why some DNS server's bugs make downloads start exactly 5 seconds late. Hell, I am grateful to those blog owners take the trouble to prepare those guides to install things.

I want to do the same. Let me help you. We got this!

Why Do I Develop Things?


Programming is an outlet of creativity. You can read this blog post because of the wonderfully creative people that wanted to collaborate and share documents all over the world.

With the freedom we get from creating software, we get to make a life for ourselves. We can make a life that we succeed and feel fulfilled. And the greatest part yet, we can help others succeed. This is why I develop things. Thank you so much for reading!

Good luck in your journey!

Thanks to Hashnode for creating this awesome #4articles4weeks writeathon. This is my #week1 submission and actually my first blog post since 2008.

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