Important: Blog Domain Changes

New Year New Domain

2022 is over, for good. It has been a year of challenges for me. I achieved some things I've wanted to but the feeling of not being enough is always there. What we can do for this is to just take in the feeling and keep growing.

I have outlined some things I've gotten started within the Twitter thread below. I hope you also found that you've got some stuff done...

Not all things were good. I knew my .tech domain would expire. However, I didn't know dottech domains would ask me $39.99 for renewal... As a university student in Turkey, this is not small money to pay. Thus, I've chosen to abandon and buy instead for a much much cheaper price (thanks to regional pricing at google domains).

The Future

I have planned content about Web3, Linux, Full-stack dev and AI. We are going to be exploring the full history of web3, some Linux tips and the state of things, full stack web development trends and more!

2023 is surely going to be an exciting year, especially in the AI field. Seeing all these GPT and Stable Diffusion powered products is very exciting and honestly, a breath of fresh air from what we had.

Stay tuned for more!