I Want To Build Better Motherf**king Websites

I Want To Build Better Motherf**king Websites

A very short review of motherf**king websites and why I want to make the web better

Language Warning: Explicit Content

It's Not Hard To Build Usable Websites

It takes more effort to create unusable websites. In fact, take a look at this motherfucking website.

A partial screenshot of motherfuckingwebsite.com

See? This website may look ugly but it's usable.

It takes 7 CSS declarations to make it better. We might as well just call it better motherfucking website at this point.

A partial screenshot of bettermotherfuckingwebsite.com

Are you not convinced yet? Let's also review an unusable one. Behold. A 2000's horror

A partial screenshot of arngren.net

Ah yes, "I love my websites like I love my newspaper job boards" Age. I hope no one has to see or visit this page again.

Why Do I Want To Build Better Websites

I grew up with windows xp, vista and 7. I've come to dislike windows but that's a story for another time. What I mean is I've used lots of shitty interfaces. I don't wish that for anyone.

My intentions are to make your experience on the web better.

I want to make your life on the web easier.

It helps everyone.

After all

The Web Is For Everyone.

The web has come a long way from sharing documents with fellow academics to creating the web with frens. It is a living and evolving construct, connecting all of us.

We can make it better. More accessible, more secure and empowering for all.

See Mozilla’s vision for the evolution of the Web for more.

Let's make it better.

Thank you for reading.

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